A glass half full.. or just full.

So it’s finally happening..

As weird as this might sound, I’ve had several people (admittedly mostly family members) tell me, ‘Taryn.. you should have a blog.’ As if I have something meaningful to share with the world! Little ol’ me!

And then I thought about it.. I like wine. I love it! Heck, I have a certification and some great experience to prove that I actually know something about it. So get ready world.. I’m going to tell you one undeniable fact – Taryn. Drinks. Wine. AND I’m going to share it with you. Hopefully you drink it too.

Join me.. as I endeavour to take you on a great journey through the world of wine and also throw in some weird and wonderful facts, food tips (dare I say, recipes) as well as some insight into what mischief a Toronto based somm can get herself into. Pass the grape juice please!

So sit back, grab a glass of something you probably haven’t tried before (orange is the new white?) and enjoy the wit, wisdom and wine. I won’t disappoint.


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